8th Anniversary of the War in Yemen Panel Discussion

Eight Years of War, an End in Sight? 

A Southern Perspective 

The American Center for South Yemen Studies (ACSYS) invites you to a virtual Panel Discussion (broadcasted via Twitter @acsys_us and website) event highlighting the devastating eight years of the ongoing civil war in Yemen. Eight years of Houthi aggression exacerbating the world’s worst man-made humanitarian crisis. While some see a glimmer of hope for peace based on recent events, there still seems no comprehensive plan to alleviate the suffering of millions, and a near permanent state of war. 

The southern issue remains central to the peace process. The first areas liberated from Houthi forces were in southern Yemen, the battle against terrorist elements began in Aden and now al-Qaeda and other terrorists are on the run, all the while Houthi elements continue to engage smuggling operations using entry ports along the southern shores and borders. To date, only southern forces have delivered major military defeats to the Houthis, while the populations in the south remain economically and politically marginalized. 

This eight-year anniversary also coincides, within days, with the one-year anniversary of the establishment of the Political Leadership Council (PLC). This will allow our guest speakers and audience to reflect on the years of war, opportunities missed and potential opportunities ahead. As the Holy Month of Ramadan begins, we also recognize the progress achieved by the ICRC and Office of the UN Special Envoy in Geneva as talks over prisoner exchange concluded. 

Moderator: Dr. Ahmed Atef (www.twitter.com/Atef2015Atef )

Guest Speakers: 

Dr. Susan Dahlgren (www.twitter.com/DahlgrenS ) 

Summer Ahmed (www.twitter.com/summerahmeda ) 

Dr. Nabeel Khoury (www.twitter.com/khoury_nabeel) 

Michael Knights (www.twitter.com/Mikeknightsiraq ) 

Fernando Carvajal (www.twitter.com/CarrvajalF ) 

We look forward to insightful discussions with our guest speakers. 


Washington, D.C.